Kasztelan Specjały Białe {Kasztelan Special White Beer}

The ''Kasztelan'' (which means a lower rank official who could sit in the Senate of Poland) beer brand is no doubt one of the most popular beer brands in the Masovian Voivodeship of Poland.
The beers fame and reputation dates back to the fifteenth century when it was only known in Sierpc, a small town in the north-west part of the Masovian Voivodeship, about 125 km northwest of Warsaw, where it was brewed. It’s popularity steadily grew over time as merchants from Warsaw took the beer with them to Torun,Elblag and even Gdansk .  
The is ‘’Kasztelan Specjały ‘’ series a triple threat special edition made up of the Kasztelan Specjały Niefiltrowane(Kasztelan Special Unfiltered) , Kasztelan Specjały Białe(Kasztelan Special White), Kasztelan Specjały Chmielowe(Kasztelan Special Hops).
I’ll only cover the Kasztelan Specjały Białe beer since it’s the only one I’ve had the opportunity to try so far.

Let’s First  look at the Ingredients 

Ingredients  :  Water, barley malt and wheat
Brewing Method:  Bottom Fermentation
Pasteurization:  Yup!
Style : Lager
Color: Light cream
Alcohol Content: 5.4%

Honest Review: Personally speaking, this beer is one of the best beers I've had here in Poland. It flows down you throat smoothly without the back end sour tastes of most beers. The beer is naturally clouded and I believe to get the full taste, it's better to give it a little shake or a stir before drinking it. It's perfect with most dishes especially sea foods and salads. I'll give it a 4.0/5 . Cheers ;)

sources : http://www.browarkasztelan.pl/

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