Amber Naturalny

The ‘’Amber Naturalny’’ is an indigenous beer of  the inhabitants of Gdansk, a beautiful Pomeranian city in the Northern part of Poland close to the Baltic Sea. The beer gets it’s name from amber, a mineral for which Gdansk  is famously known  as the capital for its collection and works. (Click here to read more about ‘’Amber-TheBaltic Gold’’)

The beer is a non-pasteurized type of lager beer with a high malt extract, thanks to which it has a rich, deep and distinctive taste. According to the website of the brewery, it’s brewed using an orthodox method according to which each beer is brewed in separate vats, exclusively from barley malt, hop and post glacial water.
The beer carries the Beer Academy marking which looks to promote awareness of the wealth of the beer world, the tradition associated with the production methods as well as its ingredients and good taste.

Ingredients  :  Water, Barley malt and hops
Brewing Method:  Bottom Fermentation
Pasteurization:  Yup!
Style : Lager
Color: Light amber
Extract: 12.2%
Alcohol Content: 5.7%

Honest Review: This beer (or piwo as the Poles would call it)  is a must taste anytime you find yourself in Gdansk or any of its vicinities. I’m not usually a big fan of pasteurized beer, but there’s a uniqueness to this beer that I believe is best understood when tasted.
I’ll give it 3.5 cheers outta a 5 ;)

sources: http://www.browar-amber.pl/en/products/amber-naturalny/

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