Argus Gold Unpasteurized {Argus Gold Niepasteryzowane}

Argus Gold Unpasteurized is a strong pale lager brewed for the supermarket chain LIDL. There's little to no information on the Brewery where it's brewed but most likely, however, the beer was brewed by Brewey Łomża.

It has a clear gold colour with the bubble particles clearly transparent. It has a nice foam layer that immediately disappears, when poured in a glass. 

It has an invigoratingly pleasant aroma of hops and flows smoothly down the throat with no bitter after taste common with some strong lagers. 

In my opinion , it's a beer for all occasions. I had it with some lentil soup my girlfriend made me and it went together perfectly well. It doesn't really do justice though to the alcohol content in it. I had to go for a second bottle to feel that kind of ''zing'' that comes with strong lagers. 

It retails for 1.99zl (0.48$), a price that doesn't reflect it's quality and breathtaking taste 

Ingredients  :  Water, barley malt,   hops                      
Pasteurization:  No
                Style     : Lager
      Colour   :  Light Amber/Light Gold   
Alcohol Content    : 6.0%              

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