Jabłonowo Strong Honey Beer {Jabłonowo Miodowe Mocne}

The Jabłonowo Strong Honey Beer is a honey flavoured beer manufactured by Jabłonowo Brewery, one of the last few Polish and  independent  family breweries.

The brewery's success is attributed to it's rapid adaptation to the current market needs to the delight of customers and developing innovative technical solutions in technology and marketing.

The Jabłonowo Miodowe Mocne, as it's known in Polish  has without any objection a beautiful dark-amber characteristics of a strong beer.It has a dense, creamy and fine foam that settles quickly, leaving no trace on the glass. 

It has a beautiful yet weak smell of  honey combined with malt and hops, which is common with strong beers. The taste is primarily honey, although it tastes like honey totally devoid of sweetness which immediately gets covered by the strong unpleasant flavour of malt after a second sip. Aside the bitter taste at the end, I think it's an average beer for a cold-chilly day, that is if you into flavoured and strong beers. 

Ingredients  :  Water, barley malt,                                           hops and flavour   

 Pasteurization:  Yup!
                Style     : Bottled
                  Colour   :  Dark amber   
Alcohol Content    : 7.4%                 


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