Kasztelan Unpasteurized Wheat Beer {Kasztelan Pszeniczne Niepasteryzowane}

From the coffers of the famous Kasztelan brand of beers comes the Kasztelan Unpasteurized Wheat Beer. Regarded as Poland's first wheat beer, the Kasztelan Pszeniczne is a blend of clear foamy light beer. It boost a clear golden body with a light white head and emits a beautiful yeast aroma. It gets a bit watery right down in the middle but is definitely a fine Kristallweizen. 

It comes in a 0.5l returnable bottles as well as in 500ml cans. 

Personally, I have and I'll always be a sucker for Unpasteurized Wheat Beers regardless of the brand. Even though this beer may be classed average as per the regular Polish ratings, I believe the taste it brings to the table qualifies it to be at par with most of the famous wheat beers. Soothing, delicious and invigorating taste of malt in its raw unscathed form. 

It'd  perfectly go with any meals (note, this is only my personal opinion) and ideal for a picnic in the hot sun in summer ;)

Ingredients  :  Water, barley malt and wheat
Brewing Method:  Upper Fermentation
Pasteurization:  Nope!
Style : Lager
Color: Light cream
Alcohol Content: 5%

Cheers ;)

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