Brok Brown Ale

The Brok Brown Ale is one of the four 'Brok Speciality' beers brewed by Browar Koszalin, a subsidiary of the Van Pur SA group 
in Koszalin - a quiet yet bustling city in Western Pomerania in
north-western Poland and located located 12 kilometres south of the Baltic Sea coast.

It's a dark beer inspired by the American Brown Ale - malty and sweet with caramel and nuts hints. Its distinctive copper colour and perceptible aroma and hop bitterness gives it a classic style. 

It has a very weak but alluring coffee and caramel smell and has a light beige foam when poured in a glass, which doesn't stay long and quickly disappears after a few seconds. It has a rusty taste of roasted coffee beans, sweet, slightly acidic, a slight bitterness towards the middle and a little watery. 

It's just an average Dark Ale, nothing too special about the taste though lacking some special hints to place it on par with some of the renowned Brown Ales

Ingredients  Water, barley malt(pilsen, caramalt, munich, smoked)  and hops(Cascade, Chinook, Marynka, Lubelski) 

Pasteurization:  Yes
Style : Lager
Color: Dark amber
Alcohol Content: 5.2%

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