Filtered VS Unfiltered Beer

I never really paid that much attention to what was written on the bottle of a beer when drinking. I used to just hit the market and pick up the cheapest of beers I could get my hands on (I was a student back then and the country I living in had one of the heaviest taxes on alcohol drinks). It wasn’t until one day when I bought two Efes beers with the inscription ‘’Fitresiz’’ - which means Unfiltered in Turkish, did I realize there was a huge difference between the normal Pilsen and the Unfiltered beers.

An Unfiltered beer is  basically a beer in it’s original untouched states, just as they were brewed whereas a filtered beer is a beer which is passed through variousforms of  filtration to remove sediments(like hops, malt, barley etc)  left over from the brewing process.

Home brewers have long claimed that unfiltered beer is a healthier choice. Filtering makes beer clear but removes all the yeast and  wonderful flavors that they provide. Yeast provides B vitamins which some claim, helps reduce the affects of hangovers.

Flavor and color compounds are  lost in Filtered beer, as many flavor components and color compounds  are in the color pigments, malt solids and yeast which are lost in filtration.

Personally, I believe it’s better to make your own conclusions by tasting the beer, but if you want a good mouthfeel as  you enjoy your lager, go for the unfiltered alternative .

Cheers ;) 

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